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Want to put a BIG smile on your

face with this heartwarming gift?

Let them know how important they are in your mind! You can customize this gift to your love ones by sending in your favorite photo with them! What’s more, we will also craft out greeting cards with sincere words from you! Want to know how you can do it in just 5 simple steps?

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This gift can be the BEST
gift your love one has received in their whole life!

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How many people in your photo you want to craft into this heartwarming gift?

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Three Person

the rules

  • You are reminded to upload photos that:

  • Show the face / gesture clearly
  • High resolution photos preferred
  • No hatred message and nudity
  • Avoid wide angle photos if possible
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Upload three best photos you have with your love one!

You can upload at most 3 photos for us to design the best gift to your love one!

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  • Your gift is crafted with
  • Electro Galvanized Steel
  • Austenitic Stainless Steel

  • And covered with
  • Aerosol spray paint

  • To ensure quality of your gift to stay with your love one for the rest of their life!
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Great! Please choose the colour of your gift!

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You can send this gift to your love one during to mark them the most memorable day in their life!

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We got it! Now, who is that love one to you?

Your text will be engraved here!

  • Only allow alphabets, special characters and numbers
  • Some Inspiration for you:
  • Our 2020 hero: NAME
  • Best Mom Ever ❤ NAME
  • NAME ❤ NAME forever
  • Our Lovely Teacher NAME
  • Superstar ⭐ NAME


  • Our artist spends at least XX hours to turn your photo into Line Art

  • At least XX drafts are drawn to ensure the perfection of the final gift

  • Every art are created with love form our artists!
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Lastly! We can help you to craft your heartfelt words into cards!

Your message will be written in cards as shown!


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Before we package your gift...

We want you to have the best gift that we can offer! Hence we would like to let you know that we have a premium version of the gift! We are transparent with you that this premium version will incur just additional RM30. But with this upgrade, we guarantee you the robustness of your gift!

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