Why Mural Painting?

The Mural creation is a collaborative process between n.o.d. and the client through an in-depth conversation to bring out the client’s ideal vision onto the wall. The Mural presents timeless inspiration and remembrance to both the client and anyone who views it about the stories and intention of the location. In addition, the customized Mural are able to attract people to share their interactions centered around the Mural which will leave an impression in people’s memory for times to come.

Every mural creation we see the customer vision and our vision is to spread out the vision with our artist talents.

Lead Creative Artist - VIEL TOO

Viel thrives as an artist because her intention is to bring fun to her life and the spaces around her. She started by drawing when she was bored during classes. From there, she continued to spice up her life by incorporating art into everything she did.

It was only a matter of time until she was noticed. She was approached one day to create a piece of art for charity. In this defining moment, she agreed to take on the new challenge. She received a wonderful reception to her piece and surprised even herself with the satisfaction she gained from the experience. She reflected that she really enjoyed seeing all of the smiles of the people who viewed her artwork.

Since then, she continues to use her drawing and painting to share stories. Her work brings fun and color into everyday spaces, bringing to life her transformation as an artist.